Heybrook Ridge

#3 VISITED: 09.15.15

Mt. Baker / Snoqualmie Nat. Forest

Heybrook Ridge




Mt. Baker / Snoqualmie Nat. Forest

Built » 1964

Elevation » 1700 FT

Hike » 2 Miles Round Trip

Elevation Gain » 850 Ft

Heybrook Lookout is located on the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, just east of the town of Index off of Highway 2. One of the first trails to be snow-free in this area, Heybrook is an ideal early-season hike. The trail starts at the parking area on the north side of the highway and climbs through mossy, second-growth forest regenerated from clear cutting in the 1920s. The lookout itself is perched atop a 70 foot tower and offers sweeping views of Mount Persis, Mount Baring, Mount Index, and Bridal Veil Falls.

The first lookout on this location was a platform tower built in 1925. It was replaced in 1932 with an L-4 cabin atop a 45 foot tower, and again in 1964 with a flat top cabin on an even taller 67 foot tower. The lookout was staffed until the early 1970s, after which time it began to fall into disrepair. In 1996 The Everett Mountaineers club began restoration of the lookout. They tore down the dilapidated cabin and built a new one in the parking lot of the Skykomish Ranger Station using the original plans. The lookout cabin was then disassembled, transported to the Heybrook site, hoisted up to the top of the tower, and reassembled. The project was completed in 2002, and the lookout has been open to the public since then.

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Field Notes

Because the trailhead to Heybrook Lookout is right on Highway 2, it’s one of the easier lookouts to get to. However, traffic can get pretty backed up between Monroe and Gold Bar, especially on nice weekends, so be prepared for the fact that it may take you over an hour to go 13 miles.

Fun Fact: The 70 foot tower has 89 steps leading up to the viewing platform. Look for the “You made it!” graffiti when you reach the top.

2018 Update: Heybrook Lookout was recently renovated for overnight stays by Filson, and can now be rented from May 1st through October 31st. Reservations are available through Recreation.gov.


From Everett, follow Highway 2 east for 37 miles. The gravel parking area is on the north side of the highway, just past mile marker 37 and the sign for the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest.