Evergreen Mtn.

#13 VISITED: 09.28.16

Mt. Baker / Snoqualmie Nat. Forest

Evergreen Mtn.




Mt. Baker / Snoqualmie Nat. Forest

Built » 1934 / 1935

Elevation » 5587 FT

Hike » 2.8 Miles Round Trip

Elevation Gain » 1425 FT

Evergreen Mountain Lookout is located on the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest within the Wild Sky Wilderness. Perched on the southwest ridge of Evergreen Mountain, the lookout watches over the Rapid River and Beckler River valleys, with views of Mount Stuart, Mount David, and Mount Rainier to the south, and Glacier Peak, Sloan Peak, Monte Cristo Peak, and Whitehorse Mountain to the north. The 1.5 mile trail to the lookout climbs steeply through the old Evergreen Mountain Burn of 1967, traversing fir and hemlock forests, alpine meadows, and rugged rock outcrops.

Built in either 1934 or 1935, the 14′ x 14′ L-4 lookout cabin was constructed according to standard Forest Service Lookout plans from 1932. During World War II, the lookout was used as an Army Aircraft Warning Station and staffed year-round by Ellis and Faye Ogilvie, who met in the early 1940’s through a conversation over a two-way radio while serving as the lookouts on Evergreen Mountain and Surprise Mountain.

In 1967, loggers working on the south side of Evergreen Mountain inadvertently set a fire that scorched 4000 acres of forest and came within several hundred feet of the lookout. Fortunately the structure was not harmed, and the lookout remained active into the early 1980’s.

After the Lookout was abandoned by the Forest Service, it slowly fell into disrepair, and in 1990 a local volunteer group adopted Evergreen Mountain Lookout and began restoration efforts. During this time the lookout was placed on the National Register of Historic Places and the National Historic Lookout Register. Restoration of the lookout was completed in 2000, and it became available to the public as a rental in 2001.

Above: Evergreen Mountain Lookout in the 1980's (left) and the fire finder inside the lookout (right).

My Hike » 09.28.16

Field Notes

The one lane dirt road to the trailhead is narrow and winding, often with a sharp drop-off to one side, which makes the going slow and kind of nerve-wracking at times. I encountered two other vehicles coming down the mountain as I was going up, but luckily both times we were in a place where it was possible to get around each other (although not without driving through some bushes on my part.)

The lookout is available for overnight rentals through Recreation.gov from mid-August through the end of September. You can make reservations up to 6 months in advance, which is advised since the lookout books quickly.

In late summer and early fall, the hillsides around the lookout are filled with wild blueberries (or maybe they’re huckleberries? I actually can’t tell the difference…)


From Everett, head east on Highway 2 for 49 miles. Just after the town of Skykomish, take a left on Beckler River Road. After 7 miles, the pavement ends and Beckler River Road turns into NF-65. In another 0.3 miles you will cross a bridge. Stay right to continue on NF-65 for 5.4 miles to a 5-way intersection. Turn right onto NF-6550 and follow for one mile to a fork in the road. Veer left onto NF-6554 and follow for 9.5 miles to the trailhead, which will be on your right.