Steliko Point L.O.

#14 VISITED: 06.17.17

Okanogan / Wenatchee Nat. Forest

Steliko Point L.O.




Okanogan / Wenatchee Nat. Forest

Built » 1947

Elevation » 2586 Ft

Hike » 3.4 Miles Round Trip

Elevation Gain » 1226 Ft

Steliko Point Lookout is located on the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, approximately 2 miles east of the tiny town of Ardenvoir. It is one of only three remaining lookouts in the Entiat Ranger District (the other two are Sugarloaf Peak and Tyee Mountain Lookout). The lookout offers views of the Entiat Mountains and the town of Ardenvoir to the west, and the fields and orchards of Eastern Washington to the east.

Steliko Point was first established as a lookout camp in 1925. The current structure, an L-4 cab on a 10 foot tower, was built in 1947. The lookout is still staffed during periods of high fire danger, and because of its proximity to civilization is one of the few lookouts wired with electricity. During the winter of 2010, someone broke into the lookout and stole three solar panels and a generator worth almost $7000.

Steliko Point Lookout was placed on the National Historic Lookout Register in 2015.

My Hike » 06.17.17

Field Notes

The first time I tried to visit the Steliko Point Lookout I made the mistake of thinking I could drive all the way to the top in my Honda Civic. I made it about 20 feet before I had to abandon that plan and back down the steep, narrow, rock strewn road. The second time I visited, I parked my car near the Forest Service sheds and walked up the road to the lookout. If you want to drive, a high clearance vehicle with 4-wheel drive is a must.

There’s little to no shade on the hike up to the lookout, so be sure to bring a hat and lots of water. Even though the sky was partially overcast the day I visited, I got real hot real quick on my hike.

With a pair of binoculars you can see both Sugarloaf Peak Lookout and Tyee Mountain Lookout from the catwalk of the Steliko Point Lookout.


From the intersection of Highway 2 and US-97 ALT, head north on US-97 ALT for approximately 14 miles. Turn left onto Entiat River Road and follow it for 10 miles to the tiny town of Ardenvoir. Go another 0.3 miles and you will see a group of Forest Service buildings on the right. Park here, and walk 1.7 miles up FR-5310 to the lookout (or, if you have a high clearance vehicle and are feeling brave, you can drive the last 1.7 miles).